The Silent Spring: Farewell, hummers!

Farewell, hummingbirds! The hummingbirds have gone … correction, the one hummingbird has gone. This year, however, we barely said, “Welcome, oh hummingbirds.” They never really arrived. My unscientific theory is that the gorgeous, abundant, succulent spring resulting from less traffic and pollution meant the hummingbirds didn’t have to venture to our porch feeders – there was simply enough nectar for them on every flowering plant. It’s bittersweet – they didn’t have to work so hard to get their fill each day; but oh, we sure missed their antics. We had one or two the last few weeks and a couple even hovered right in front of us and one found its favorite perch on our weather stick (that’s another blog to come.) But compared to last year, there were far fewer and the feeders stayed full.

Our hope for more hummingbirds next summer goes hand in hand with our (and everyone else’s) hope for a return to a normal and safe environment in 2021. Both would be a blessing.

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