The Silent Spring: What the what?

We’re all Zoomed out but we better just get used to it – Zoom’s not going to go away any time soon. So I thought we should upgrade our Internet to the fastest speed possible, especially since I’m doing many classes on the Zoom platform and it’s frustrating enough without super speedy access.

I called Comcast. The agent was very nice and read beautifully from the script. It sounded as if she was working from home and sitting on her balcony overlooking breaking waves and with a family party taking place at the same time. I could even hear her dog barking. We upgraded the system and the new super duper router arrived – I won’t say “in a box” because there were no corners left in the packaging. Inside, with the router, which fortunately was not damaged, was a letter to Dear Customer headed, “Please pardon our appearance.” I couldn’t follow the logic exactly but basically to limit contact between customers and employees, Comcast are encouraging people to self-install. They didn’t want to delay the procedure by producing traditional packaging so to get items into customers’ hands as quickly as possible, they evidently bought the cheapest and flimsiest boxes they could find. You gotta admire Amazon even more.

They emailed us a nice video outlining the steps to instal our router. Good start. We watched the intro, assuring us several times that we were almost there. The next step was, “Unplug your router …” OK, we did that. Bleep … no more video showing the step after that. Yep, without Internet, we couldn’t watch the video. Where is the logic in that? Doesn’t anyone at Comcast think? Or call their customer care line (which was our next step and you know how long that took – we never did get out of voice mail hell.) Fortunately I was able to pull up the next steps on my iPhone. Cedric doesn’t have a smart phone so it’s lucky we had at least one with a screen.

It’s working – more by luck than judgement I believe. I have used the original packaging to send back the old box. I covered it from edge to edge with duct tape and it’s much stronger now than the original. I know we all have Comcast stories and I know I’ll have many more. Meanwhile, back to Zoom.

One thought on “The Silent Spring: What the what?”

  1. That doesn’t make any sense – they obviously didn’t think it through – how can you watch the next step in the video, when they just told you to disconnect – mercy! I had a similar situation at work..they told us to submit Reports A, B & C – Reports A & B were due August 1st and report C was due August 25th. However, you needed info on Report C in order to complete Reports A & B – made no sense at all – I told them they needed to reverse the due dates and luckily, the following year and all years there after, they did but…how did no one realize this ahead of time? Glad you have your new internet all set up (did they give you a discount for being the installer ? Ha Ha) – I am grateful for the ability to Zoom but I sure miss face to face meetings with others.


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