The Silent Spring: Sew, sew, sew

Sew, I sew … I think I was born with a thimble on my finger. I remember as a very young child turning the handle of my mother’s treadle machine as she sewed clothes for me and my doll. I still have those doll’s clothes. I also still have the clothes that I made for that same doll. She was definitely better dressed in some outfits than others!

Sew, I decided, with Cedric’s blessing, to turn our living room into one huge sewing room. My sewing room was the dining area off the kitchen and that worked out very nicely but I was constantly swapping machines, lifting one off the table and replacing it with another. I looked at the open space that an absence of visitors has made even emptier and had an aha moment – sewing space!

In came two 6-ft tables creating a massive sewing area. Next, we assembled a rolling chair. Interestingly, many colors weren’t available because so many people are buying chairs for their home offices. A portentous snafu by the online furniture company validated the sewing area decision – two days later, a second chair arrived. When I called the company asking what to do with a chair I had not ordered, they thanked me for my honesty and said I could keep it and not ship it back. So the matching chair sits on the other side of the tables. I had already thought that it would be nice to have two matching chairs – serendipity indeed.

I only have five working sewing machines. Plus an antique one that acts as a piece of furniture to display tchotchkes. One machine is now back in its box waiting to be picked up by a friend whose young girls are learning to sew. That leaves four – an electronic Bernina; an old Bernina with a British plug that needs a transformer to work in the U.S.; a 1935 Featherweight Singer; and a BabyLock serger that is fairly new. When I retired, I went in to the sewing machine store to trade in my old Bernina; I saw a gorgeous fabric bag and when I was told it was sewn on a serger, I walked out with a serger and a new Bernina. A serger does an overlock stitch – look at any seam in your clothing and you will see how the stitches loop over – that’s an overlock. But my serger only does serging … duh. But other machines do what’s called coverstitch and boy do I need a coverstitch machine. Sew, guess what I’m getting for Christmas? Yep, a new BabyLock coverstitch machine. They are so new that the dealer hasn’t got them in yet, but I’m third on the list and as soon as they come in, I’ll get my Christmas gift very early. Well, I’ve got 30 square feet of sewing table to cover with something!

Happy sewing!

One thought on “The Silent Spring: Sew, sew, sew”

  1. How nice to have a nice, big sewing room now.! I have always dreamed of having a craft room (if I ever move, that will be a must). I actually would love a “she-shed” so I could have all my crafts there and kind of separate from my house. I love that sewing is in your blood. I know how to sew a little (very little). I have a sewing machine that my mother gave me since she rarely used it but I don’t have the time now….hopefully when I am retired, I can learn a new skill.


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