The Silent Spring: If it’s not birds, it’s …

The bamboo screen curtain is brilliant and has done its job so well that it has successfully scared away all avian life from our porch. A few intrepid souls have begun to venture back to perch on the railings but the screen is acting much like a scarecrow. I think it’s the waving in the breeze, accompanied by the clicking of the beads that’s doing the trick. We have had the door open in the cool mornings and Savannah ducks and goes in and out under the strands that don’t reach all the way to the floor.

But, now it’s lizards … well, just one so far but a huge one at that. There are lizards and there are LIZARDS and either this one was a pregnant female or just fat. I turned around and it was all the way inside near the coffee table. I know not to grab a lizard by the tail – they really do shed their tails; I tested this many times growing up. I grabbed a tea towel and flung it over the lizard, not relishing the prospect of scooping it up without squishing too much. But it slithered out and disappeared. I moved a chair and prowled around. There it was! I didn’t want to scare it into venturing further inside so I waved the tea towel and yelled, “Get out!” Fortunately, it understood English and dashed out the open porch door. It took me a while and lots of prodding with a brush to flush it out from behind the flower pots, but eventually it ran over the edge and disappeared.

So the door is now firmly shut. Perhaps I’ll find a draft excluder that I can fit under the curtain. Savannah will have quite the obstacle course to get in and out. Otherwise, welcome to my wildlife refuge.

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