The Silent Spring: Bird in the House x 2

We have lived in this building for 12 years and are always the first to keep the patio doors open in the spring and the last to close them in the fall. We keep our air conditioning and heating off for as long as possible. And we’ve never had an avian visitor, until now. But, we’ve had two in the last four days. The first flew in and got trapped behind the blinds of the French door. I grabbed a tea towel, having read somewhere that the best approach is to throw something over the bird to both corral and protect it. It was easier than I thought to grab the poor thing – probably some sort of sparrow – by the tail feathers and propel it through the open door over the railings. In spite of several tail feathers floating down onto the patio and several more still grasped in the tea towel, it flew over to the oak trees in the square, so I knew it was unharmed. Not so me … in my haste to fling it into the open air, I hurt my arm on the door frame. It wasn’t a bad cut, but enough for me to brag about a planet salvation wound garnered in the noble pursuit of saving an endangered species.

The second visitor flew in and announced itself with very loud chirping. I knew instantly it was inside as it was using an outside chirp inside. Fortunately, before I even had time to stand up, it flew right out the way it had come in. I shut the door and shut it has stayed.

For me, our visitors are proof that birdlife is proliferating during the pandemic. We are seeing American goldfinches and cardinals on our railings for the first time. But I’ve ordered a bamboo screen to prevent further visitations. Cedric says he’ll feel like he’s living in an exotic restaurant. If I can get Savannah to come in and out between the beads, I can keep the door open. If not, I’ll have to decide if fresh air and the occasional visitor are compatible. Chirp, chirp.

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