The Silent Spring: Thank you

There are so many who deserve our thanks. We lift up the front-line workers every day, those caring for the sick and putting themselves at risk. We are also grateful to our newspaper carrier, who has not missed a single day’s delivery in this duration. Every morning, before 7 a.m. our newspaper is outside the front door – not tossed from a distance but always there where we simply bend down and pick it up – she walks the whole length of the hallway from the elevator and often leans the paper on the front door so that it plops down inside when we open the door. We always send her a little something for Christmas and in the summer, but last week, Cedric left a thank-you gift outside our front door to show our appreciation.

Our Instacart shopper on Friday made my day. He texted me a running commentary of the substitute items he found, including several pictures of shelves to show me what was available. I asked him to leave our bags outside the door, to protect him as much as much as us but I waved and blew him kisses from the balcony. I told him I added to my prayer list people like him who are keeping our communities functioning and he touched his heart in acknowledgement. It’s this sort of connection that is manifesting the essence of goodness in us all.

The challenge will be to keep this goodness alive in the months to come. I will if you will.

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