The Silent Spring: Don’t lose your narrative

We all tell stories – big ones, little ones, exaggerated ones, forgotten ones, neglected ones, white-lie ones. I wanna tell you a story, said Max Bygraves. It’s fun to tell friends what we’ve been doing, how we’ve been spending our time and what we plan to do next. I remember, a couple of years ago, telling my family in England that we were all prepared for a hurricane that was forecast to hit Atlanta. This one was serious. We had a suitcase packed in the event of an evacuation order including dog food, treats and toys for our little dog, Savannah. I even took a picture of the suitcase sitting by the front door.

But in The Silent Spring, we’re all in the same predicament, all social distancing and all washing hands. We really don’t want “news” because it will likely be bad and there’s no need to describe isolation to someone who is also experiencing isolation. But don’t lose your narrative during this time – write down something every day, even if it’s just one word. On Saturday, March 14, Cedric wrote, “The real siege begins.” When we look back, we’ll have our story and remember what we went through.

We will never forget.

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