The Silent Spring: It’s my hangnail, dammit!

A wise woman once told my prayer group that it was OK to whine about a hangnail, because “It’s my hangnail, dammit!” We were praying for her friend who was seriously ill but she said we could always ask for prayer for what might seem to some to be inconsequential requests or niggling pain, like a hangnail. I’m keeping her words close as I deal with an irritation. Compared to what millions of people are going through, I feel guilty for being annoyed, but I’m frustrated that the inefficiency of a vendor coupled with the recalcitrance of the post office means I am without the new spectacles I ordered before the pandemic took hold.

I’ll let it go until this uncertain and challenging time comes to an end and hope that my eyeglass prescription doesn’t change in the meantime … please tell me it won’t be more than a year! Meanwhile, I am whining about this particular hangnail.

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