The Silent Spring: Yes, you can lose weight during the pandemic …

… if you are a dog. The general consensus is that we are all packing on the pounds by comfort eating while sheltering in place. But, social distancing has meant that Savannah is not getting her usual share of treats. She has two special friends who always have treats at the ready either in pockets or drawers. We usually visit Morgan in her office every day and it’s hard to explain to Savannah that we can’t go in the door as we walk past. Then, we have daily walks with Melodie whose pockets are always stuffed with doggie treats. I’m sure Savannah’s trimmer waistline is the result of the absence of extra sustenance.

Are we eating more? I’m not sure, but one friend in California texted me that she was not confessing to eating a lot but the refrigerator door light was giving her a nice tan.

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