The Silent Spring: Hot cross buns

It might be different, but it’s still Holy Week and today is Good Friday when Cedric and I always have hot cross buns for breakfast. Hot cross buns are sweet, spiced yeast buns, often toasted, which I presume is where the “hot” comes in; the cross is either cut into the top of the bun or made with a rolled piece of pastry dough; and they are studded with raisins or sultanas. My young cousin in London once opined that he preferred hot happy buns.

I typically make my own because they are almost impossible to find in Atlanta. Some stores make a facsimile but they are just not the same as traditional buns and often have sweet frosting piped in an X across the top. Full marks for trying!

But tradition is tradition; we are all doing our best in challenging and scary times; reach out to someone today and tell them you are thinking of them and will see them soon. Yes, tradition is tradition and virus or no virus, in the words of George and Ira Gershwin, “They can’t take that away from me.”


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