The Silent Spring: Time for a haircut …

… not me, fortunately, but Savannah looked like a sheepdog and couldn’t see out from under her bangs (fringe for my one U.K. reader). Our wonderful mobile groomer, My Groomer & Me, is on hiatus, like other groomers and hairdressers and the little clips popped out every time she rolled on the carpet. So out came my sharpest sewing scissors, the ones that I watch like a hawk at quilting retreat in case someone uses them to cut anything other than fabric. Two snips later and she could see. I had been wary of cutting her bangs as I didn’t want to poke her in the eyes but my dear friend, Morgan, patiently told me to position myself behind her, hold up the bangs with one hand and just snip: pretty obvious when you know how!

It’s a good thing all us ladies are holed up inside so no one can compare their root colors or complain about their cute bob that is no more. If your hair salon has an online reservation system, I suggest you grab several slots for May, June and July so that, as soon as this is over, you at least have a guaranteed appointment They will be slammed.


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