The Silent Spring: My holy corner

Many churches are offering online services, Bible studies and hangouts. We’re all Zooming all over the place and one benefit is that you don’t need to dress too elegantly. I try to remember to switch off the ceiling fan and not wear dangly earrings that might distract my fellow Zoomies. The rector of Saint Anne’s, Reverend Licia, suggested creating a holy corner, a safe space for worship. It can be in the middle of the living room if you like – no one is coming to visit.

For my safe space, I moved a rocking chair from the bedroom into a corner of the living room near some bookshelves that house several of my Bibles and prayer books. I angled the chair so I can look out of the window and see the hummingbird feeders and the sunset. A safe space doesn’t have to be fancy – a couple of cushions on the floor where you can worship, think, pray, cry, reflect. My safe space is already comfortable and familiar and I suspect might become a permanent fixture that will keep me peaceful even after the duration.



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