The Silent Spring: Gloves are my new best friend

Every fall (Autumn for my one U.K. reader), I buy a couple of new pairs of gloves. They aren’t expensive and Amazon, of course, offers every conceivable color. They get pretty grubby through the winter, especially as I wear a pair every time I walk Savannah. Now, like for many others, gloves have become indispensable. I have a wonderful green pair of rubber gloves that reach almost to my elbows. They are my newspaper gloves and live in the sanitation station by the front door. Our wonderful newspaper carrier has not missed a single delivery and every morning the New York Times is outside our door. I don my gloves, open the door, grab the newspaper which is always in one or two plastic bags, tear open the bags and Cedric and I then do a tango while he pulls the newspaper out without touching the bags, which I then toss, remove the gloves by tugging down so my fingers don’t touch the outside and then use a wipe on the door handle. Every simple act takes 10 minutes.

When I go out of the apartment, which I only do to walk Savannah or pick up mail from the mailroom, I wear blue plastic disposable gloves and have become very adept at removing those, courtesy of Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN who demonstrated the foolproof way to remove them safely. But a few weeks ago, before plastic gloves became a vital piece of clothing, the mornings were chilly and I was still wearing my nice leather gloves to take Savannah out. We were already being conscious of washing hands regularly, so I thought, well, I’ll just spray my gloves every time I come in. Trust me, leather and Lysol are not a happy mix – who knew! So that pair of leather gloves has been retired. And of course I haven’t even mentioned that in all this routine, I also have to very carefully put on and then take off a mask … more on that another time.

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