The Silent Spring: We’ll Meet Again

If you didn’t watch the Queen’s speech yesterday, I encourage you to find a rebroadcast. At the end of the speech, the Queen invoked the words of the song made famous by Vera Lynn, the Forces Sweetheart in World War II, “We’ll Meet Again.” Vera Lynn was one of Cedric’s favorite singers during and after the War. His mother was unimpressed, calling her a crooner, and proving that parents never approve of their children’s music.

Cedric and I have been spending much time exhorting each other not to let the virus germs invade our space. He woke up at 3 this morning, crept into his study, switched on his computer and sent me this poetic email:

— and when each one of us refuses to remain silent, and each one of us follows the rules, and each one of them can no longer get through, and when all of us together become smarter than they are — then and only then shall we have overcome them, and move ever forward in a silent spring of renewal ——— CPM

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