The Silent Spring: But verdant and luscious, too

Take a deep breath and look around you, if you are lucky enough to be able to go outside for a few minutes, Or look through that pane of glass. There is no denying that this spring is the most verdant and luscious ever. We might not agree on much, but no one can deny that this spring is the prettiest ever: the colors more vibrant, the trees more luscious, the flowers more verdant. A reduction in traffic and pollution is giving the earth a break. Birdsong seems louder, flowers more fragrant, the sky bluer. If there’s a sliver of silver lining in the horror, it’s perhaps that the earth is taking a deep breath, too. When the duration is over, in memory of what we have all been through, we could mark one or two months in the years to come as “down months” when we all make a conscious effort to stay home more, be more neighborly and unselfish and count our blessings. It would give the earth an annual break.

Happy Palm Sunday – as I write this, I am in my worship space and have just listened to Saint Anne’s online service. And, right on cue, I have seen our first hummingbird of the season. May you have a blessed Holy Week.

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