The Silent Spring: Repurposing the wall calendar

Every year, I treat myself to a lovely Rifle Paper wall calendar. It’s helpful to see the month’s planned schedule at a glance even though I use my electronic version on a daily basis. It’s therapeutic to enter Saint Anne’s Church services and gatherings, Prayer Shawl Ministry, my Book Club – and it was devastating in March to strike through with a big X nearly every entry as the news shook the nation. The Lenten entry Xs particularly pierced my soul – a fitting link to Good Friday. This week, I turned over a new page to April. The theme of the month is spring hydrangeas – a striking contrast to the horror circling the globe. Again, I took my pencil and put an X through entries already marked – the majority for Lent and Easter.

But I have to do something with the calendar. Let’s face it – there’s nothing going on. I’m a list and project kind of gal, so I divided each daily block into six small squares and I have a color-coded legend … yep, that’s me! I’ve got chores, blog, exercise, piano, Bible, making masks (look for an upcoming blog on that) and each day, I delight in taking my colored pencils and coloring in the appropriate square. I don’t know what I did before The Silent Spring, but I’m sure busy now!

Keep safe and wash your hands!

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