The Silent Spring: Gotta keep up our standards

Cedric now refers to the situation as The Silent Spring – a nod to the silence that embraces our lives and The Phoney War, the name given to the period of time in World War II from September 1939 to April 1940 when, after the blitzkrieg attack on Poland in September 1939, seemingly nothing happened. The quiet of the Phoney War was punctuated by a few Allied actions.

Like many other churches, Saint Anne’s Episcopal has jumped into using Zoom as the platform for Bible studies and meetings. We have been attending a weekly study on Benedictine Spirituality for Everyday Life. On Monday, I was superexcited to have an excuse to wear lipstick and mascara. When I switched on my laptop ready to connect, Cedric looked at me and said, basically – are you wearing that? Hmmmm. I quickly changed into something nicer. I’ve heard of several people angling their computer cameras during video meetings so co-workers can’t see they are still wearing pajamas. Like when a tree falls in a forest and no one hears, does it make a sound? If there’s no one to see what you’re wearing, can you wear daytime pajamas all day? As for our Monday Zoom meeting, for added good measure, I spritzed myself with perfume. Yep – gotta keep up our standards even virtually.

One thought on “The Silent Spring: Gotta keep up our standards”

  1. You just need a top on with jammy bottoms! Anecdotally losing the sense of smell might be a symptom so keep up deodorant and smellies … if more fake news it will be nicer for those you live with anyway.


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