COVID-19: A certain irony

We’re all friends now, but there was a time when the Allies were at war with Germany and Italy and Japan. Cedric is very saddened that all countries now have to join together to fight an invisible enemy. Yesterday, on reading that his beloved American Church in Paris had closed its doors, he sent the following email to the church:

Dear Reverend Dr. Herr:

My parents, sister and I were welcomed to your church at the end of the War in April 1945 by Dr. Williams and his wonderful family. Although I have lived in many other cities since that time and now live in Atlanta, Georgia, my home church will always be 65 Quai d’Orsay, where I grew up under the watchful eye of Dr. Williams.

I am distressed to see that, in common with churches in Atlanta, you have wisely had to close the doors at this time. It is ironic that for 65 Quai d’Orsay the dreaded virus has accomplished what even the Germans were unable to do. Amanda and I send you greetings and pray for your continued blessing —– Peace—– Cedric P. Marie.

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