COVID-19: Toilet paper rationing

As the fabric of society disintegrates around us, there’s one bright constant in our lives: We have enough toilet paper (we call it loo paper) for the duration. Cedric says the English referred to the time during World War II as the duration … the word seems apt for our current situation. How do I know we have enough? Because I made a very scientific study of the amount I use. I’m leaving Cedric out of this for now – we have our own bathrooms (the secret to a long marriage) and I don’t want to think about men’s loo behavior.
For my study, I made a note of the day and time I started a new roll and stuck it on my mirror. One week later, to the exact minute, I pulled off the final sheet from the second roll. Actually, Cedric says he was still using the first roll … but as I said, we are not going there. He then helped calculate how much we have to last for a very long duration … please tell me this will be over in a year, or we will be in trouble.
Cedric, of course, is less concerned than I on this issue. He remembers in England during the War sometimes using newspaper – but they were a rather posh family, so it was always The Times of London, which I’m sure made a difference.
Wishing all my readers (all three of you) health and safety at this time.

One thought on “COVID-19: Toilet paper rationing”

  1. Is it you panic buying? Still can’t get any here. So how many do you use then? I must try harder. We have enough for a month then it’s The Times which we get on Saturdays. I guess the ink doesn’t come off on your bum like it would have in the war. Ask CP about that please. It’s interesting to see what people hoard… loo paper, paracetamol, hand sanitizer, pasta, tin tomatoes, cleaning products.
    If we get stuck please post loo rolls to UK.
    Take care other 2 readers and Ananda and CP.


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