That sinking feeling …

… we both have it, that empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you’ve just received your current Amazon order and there are no more shipments on the way: no sweet little email telling you your item has shipped, no tracking number, no delivery schedule. You’ve got to admire Jeff Bezos – he’s infiltrated himself into the fabric of society and my fingers are just itching to order something.

Recent orders include: tweezers, wood glue, mascara, Lapsang Souchong tea bags, hangers, calligraphy pens, glue dots, two French press coffee makers in different patterns and a ceramic egg holder – all absolutely essential and all required tomorrow. The two coffee makers mean we can each have the morning coffee we like at the same time and not get the pots confused … only in America! And the list goes on. Today, for the first time, we ordered from Whole Foods. Oh my goodness, our lives will never be the same again. We’ve always loved Whole Foods and used to shop there every Saturday when I was working. Today, all our favorites arrived outside the door before I’d even washed up our breakfast plates.

I know we are being sucked in by the instant gratification that online shopping provides and Cedric says at least three times a week: “My grandfather would not have believed this,” but you gotta hand it to Amazon – they are a Class Act and long may they continue to spread joy and happiness one order confirmation email at a time. And in 100 years, Amazon will be delivering to Mars.

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