More than the sum of its parts

We’ve all done it – forgotten to remove the Kleenex, or other brand of paper tissue, (I use Puffs myself) from a pocket or sleeve and into the washing machine it goes. Out of the machine come shreds, more shreds and even more shreds. If you could piece them together, you’d have a bedsheet-size Kleenex quilt. How does this happen? And is it just me being dramatic? I’ve read about school projects that study whether Kansas is in fact as flat as a pancake, or if the five-second rule applies scientifically. Could someone direct scholarly attention to measuring the surface area of a washed and dried Kleenex compared to one that comes out of the box. I’d just like to know. Meanwhile, I’m putting a huge sign above the washing machine to remind me to check every pocket every time.

2 thoughts on “More than the sum of its parts”

  1. as a veteran of this particular problem I have gone back to hankies…in UK they are squares of fabric which you hot wash when you finally run out and have a search through your pockets. Mine are ancient and have bunnies on (form the kids) and embroidered and lace: mum. Happy memories included.


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