Year in Review

This should be titled “Retirement in Review.” Since I retired, the months have blurred. The year has passed in seasons rather than time, but I looked back at my retirement bucket list and see that almost every project has a check mark against it. For a list maker, this is an awesome feeling!


Pruning and purging: This is a never-ending project, and it’s therapeutic. Drawers are tidy, the locker is accessible and my dolls house, which needed more love, has a new home. It is giving much pleasure to the three daughters of my friend, Heather. She says the elaborate stories they make up sometimes last for days and the photos she sends make me smile with delight.
Piano lessons: My piano teacher, Nancy, visits every two weeks, which gives me more time to practice in between. I can hardly believe I am able to read most of the musical notes – albeit, not always correctly – and play a somewhat recognizable tune. I call every song the “hesitation” version, but I am more than thrilled to be taking piano lessons at this stage in my life. You really are never too old to do anything.
Yoga: If I have any regret in my life, it would be that I didn’t take up yoga earlier. I have tried vaguely over the years but could never still my mind long enough. Perhaps I needed to retire to be able to concentrate on the breathing. I have found free online classes and rarely miss a day. Savannah often joins me on the mat and lies under me when I do a down dog. Now I understand why yogis love yoga. It’s not always a tangible benefit, but I think I am standing taller and breathing deeper and more consciously throughout the day.
Miscellaneous quilting projects: She who dies with the most fabric wins. I used a lot of my fabric in my Gypsy Wife Quilt, but there’s plenty more left in my sewing room. My latest project is a portrait of Savannah that turned out really nicely.
Italian refresher: Use it or lose it. I’m listening to Italian Talk Radio which is hilarious because although I understand the words, I have no idea what they are talking about. And they talk SO fast! You’ll be pleased to know the news anchors interrupt the people they are interviewing as much in Italian as they do in English and the questions are three minutes long and the answer is often a simple “Si.” The weather and traffic reports sound so romantic!
2019 Projects:
Hula hooping: It’s been either too cold, too wet, or too hot, and I haven’t done as much as I planned. I’ll review my online lessons as soon as it’s not too cold, too wet or too hot! Yep!
Less screen time: Oh dear, I’ve failed. But in 2019, if I don’t respond to a text immediately, it’s because I’ve hidden my iPhone for an hour or so.
Merry Christmas from Cedric and me and a happy and healthy New Year.

2 thoughts on “Year in Review”

  1. Thank you dear Amanda fir yet another 5 minutes of smiling using apparently only half the muscles that frowning does. Happy Christmas. We look forward to your rumbles in 2019.


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