An unexpected blessing

I’m back in the saddle and anticipate updating my blog a little more regularly now that it’s colder and I won’t be spending so much time on the porch watching the hummingbirds. They have come and gone this year with nary a blog mention – not a lot else has got a mention actually. I’m too busy being retired.

I had an unexpected blessing last week when I went to a class at the quilt shop located directly across from our favorite French bakery, Douceur de France. En route, I stopped into the bakery to get some croissants and other delights to take home. I came out clutching several bags and boxes went round to the passenger side of my Jeep, managing to get the door unlocked and open without dropping anything. When I got into the driver’s side, it wasn’t my keys I couldn’t find, it was my sunglasses. And not just any sunglasses – these are prescription Ray-Bans and include every available bell and whistle: bifocal, non-glare etc. I automatically patted my head but they weren’t parked there. I got out, locked the doors, and went back into the bakery to ask if I’d left my sunglasses at the register while paying. Nope. The nice young man helped me look on the counters, but I said they must be in the Jeep somewhere. Outside, I emptied my purse and had a good hunt. Nope. I went back into the bakery. I’d been to the ladies room and although unlikely, thought perhaps they had been parked on my head and dropped off. Of course, there was a line for the loo. I had a quick look round. Nope. I told the cashier I was going to a class across the street and would call him later to see if anyone had handed them in. I got back into the Jeep, backed out of the parking space, drove through the potholed parking lot and onto a very busy three-lane road, turning left at the intersection and down the very bumpy residential road that leads to the quilt shop. There, I greeted the instructor who had just parked, moaned about losing my sunglasses, opened the back of my Jeep and unpacked the paraphernalia that accompanies every quilter to quilt class. I walked round to the passenger side to grab my bottle of water and, as I reached for the door handle, there were my sunglasses hooked onto the handle, saying, “Hi there!”

I can’t even recreate how they got caught there when I opened the door to put the croissants on the passenger seat. I must have had them in my hand when I unlocked the door. But, bless their heart, they clung on to that door handle for dear life the whole way over to the quilt shop. An unexpected blessing indeed!

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