The power of prayer

If you are not a Christian or don’t, can’t or won’t pray, feel free to skip this post: My feelings won’t be hurt.

There’s a lovely walking trail on our apartment campus. It winds up and down for a mile or so with plenty of space each side for dogs to run. It doesn’t go anywhere – there’s a bench at the top where we turn and head back. It’s a great gathering place for anyone walking their dogs and we send group texts when we head out. Savannah and I rarely walk alone.

This evening, as I headed up the first curve, one of my favorite neighbors overtook me. He’s young, very handsome, which is neither here nor there of course, and a member of the Atlanta Police Department. He’s the complex courtesy officer so we can call on him if we are concerned about anything on site.

I asked Justin where Jack was. Jack is a young pure white German Shepherd – a pet, not a K-9 officer. Justin waved a key fob at me and said he had just walked Jack and had dropped a similar fob on the path. The fob was attached to an orange cartoon character key chain about two inches long. He was on his way back up the path hoping to find it. I promised to keep an eye out and started to pray. Although I knew that a trained police officer was much more likely to find anything that small than I was, I asked that I be of help to this fine young man who gives so much every day to our community. I asked that my eyes and hands be of help to him.

Justin was soon way ahead, walking from side to side and I met him on his way back as he ventured onto the grassy bank where he said he had been throwing a ball for Jack. I prayed harder. Suddenly, right there on the edge of the grass the orange key chain almost leaped into the air. I reached down and grabbed it and yelled for Justin. When I handed the fob to him, I told him I had prayed about it and he said he had been praying, too! Neither of us needed any more explanations – just the Power of Prayer at work again.

One thought on “The power of prayer”

  1. I truly believe in the power of prayer, as you know and I know God cares about all aspects of our lives, even things like finding a lost item. Once when I was a broke college student, I was putting in my contacts and I dropped one (the soft kind that stick to everything and folds and stuff – this was before the disposable kind). I could NOT afford a new pair and my glasses were 2 years old and needed a new prescription. I prayed..”Lord, you know where my contact is, it is in the room somewhere, please help me find it because I need it to see and take a test today and I know you can show me where it is” – I got on the floor and found it right away – that NEVER happened before. I was so grateful and thanked God so many times that day. He cares about every aspect of our lives.


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