Transferring affection from one Big A to another

This week, I’ve formally transferred my affection from one Big A to another. I’ve weaned myself off my one-click addiction with Amazon and spent more time talking to Apple than to Cedric. My geriatric (in techie-speak) Apple laptop threatened to die on the job so it was definitely time to retire it. I remember when I bought it in 2009 and asked how long it would last, I balked at the answer of “three years.” When I questioned why so soon, they explained that in three years, I would be ready to upgrade because technology was moving so fast. They were right – so after nine years, I didn’t have a hope. It’s hard to change something when it’s not actually broken, but when I pressed the power button (now there is NO power button), I could go into the kitchen and make coffee before it groaned into life. I couldn’t watch videos and none of the software was supported. And, gasp, it even has a built-in DVD/CD slot.

So, off to Apple we went. Nine years ago, they migrated all the information from another laptop onto the new Apple and I went back two days later to pick it up. Now, they don’t even offer to do that. If I’d known they would just hand me the laptop and expect me to walk away and do it myself, I would have ordered online. The mighty Apple system at the store sadly didn’t work as planned and the 20-minute wait time they forecast turned into an hour. I think the issue might have been that they describe what you are wearing so the next techie comes out and looks for you. I was wearing a black leather jacket – mistake! I think someone wearing a leather jacket jumped the line by answering to my name. Next time, I will wear fluorescent fuchsia.

In any event, we walked out with various bits and pieces in addition to the laptop. The tech world is apparently in the process of changing USB ports so you need extra connection cords for everything …. uh huh! And then of course I need a DVD player now. Back home, I first backed up my old laptop to a hard drive. At the store, the techie used a good analogy recommending that I first purge my old laptop. He said it was like moving house – you want to toss junk first so that you aren’t moving it. My delete button worked overtime. But unfortunately, I had something highlighted in iTunes and I deleted a whole lot of albums when I thought I was just deleting one song – oops! I plugged in the hard drive. When nothing happened, I made my first call to Apple Support. She helped me format the drive. Hmmm, who knew it needed formatting? Apple did, I guess. I left it running. The next time I looked, it was chastising me because the hard drive was full. I subsequently learned that the hard drive has 1TB of memory – I get a bit confused with MGs and GBs, but I understand that TBs are huge. I made my second call. He helped me erase everything on the hard drive – all 1TB of it – whatever “it” was because somehow it was already full out of the box. That happens apparently. So I proceeded to run the hard drive back-up.

This was still Monday. By Thursday, and many, many calls later, I was still no closer to migrating my information. Finally, at 1 p.m. the techie admitted he was at a loss and looped in a supervisor. On the line came Anthony and I was on the phone with dear Anthony until 5 p.m. During that time, while various pieces were restoring and backing up, Anthony took at least one break, Amanda took several breaks to spend a penny, took Savannah out, made tea and got out her knitting. In between, Anthony and I had the phone line open and he was sharing screens on my laptop, phone and iPad. Finally, at 5 p.m. all my Apple devices were syncing and I was good to go. The issue apparently was that my old laptop was exactly that – old, and none of the inner instructions worked as nothing recognized the old stuff. In fact, one techie kept telling me she felt helpless as she had never been asked about such an old machine. Anthony is now my dedicated techie – they give you one when the system triggers you as loyal, exhausted, dedicated and deserving of a medal. I even have his extension number. And I’m so special that this Tuesday, he will call me to check in and make sure everything is working. Gotta love Apple! And I do love my new MacBook Pro with touch bar … it’s so purty!!!!!

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