A shocking admission

Like millions of people, not just in the U.S., I’ve developed a severe case of online-shopping-itis. I’m a big sucker for free shipping, which I receive with Amazon Prime anyway, except who is kidding whom? We pay upfront for shipping and it’s called “membership.” When other retailers don’t offer free shipping as a matter of course, I know I’m not alone in adding items to my virtual shopping basket and completing the transaction as soon as the free shipping email hits. I think I’m so smart, but I know retailers wait until a certain number of shoppers have items in their carts and a clever algorithm alerts them that it’s worth offering the shipping that day. Again, who is kidding whom?

But I was embarrassed when I received a shipment alert yesterday and realized that in my buying frenzy over the weekend with several free shipping offers, I didn’t even recall that I had placed an order with that specific company. I’s like Christmas every day with parcel contents often a surprise to my short-term memory. When millions of people don’t know where their next meal is coming from, I don’t know what’s in my next parcel. Sad but true. Life is very unfair.

One thought on “A shocking admission”

  1. I did all my Christmas shopping on-line this year (well except for one gift). Like you, the “free” shipping (which as you said, we really pay for up front) and being able to get a package in 2 days is very enticing. You can even get them already wrapped if you’d like (but I never do since I enjoy wrapping gifts). When another company has high shipping charges or takes weeks to delivery, I sometimes won’t even buy from them because Amazon Prime has spoiled me too much.


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