Canine bodily functions

Now that I’ve got your attention, be warned: This post is about dog poop – yep! You know the adage that women in public restrooms only wash their hands if there is another woman in there, presumably taking note of personal hygiene behavior. I think that’s urban myth, myself. Well, I have another one for you – I think dog owners only pick up poop if there is an audience. I am tempted, when walking Savannah along the winding driveway of our complex, to leave her poop where it plops. It’s never on the sidewalk, only on the pine straw or in the brush. And no one would know. I am aware, however, that I am very dramatic with the green plastic poop bag when a car is passing or people are walking by. I wave it madly to make sure everyone sees that I’m being a good citizen and neighbor and picking up poop. Actually, my rule is: If I can reach it, I pick it up. If I have to crawl through the undergrowth on Savannah’s level, I let it mature into manure. I’d love to live in a complex where they take swabs to identify each resident dog’s DNA, test unwanted gifts and publish owners’ names on a wall of shame. That would clean up our complex in a hurry. Not that the little face below does anything like poop.


3 thoughts on “Canine bodily functions”

  1. I thought Miss Savannah would only drop little gold nuggets… just kidding. I’ve got nothing, after all I am the crazy dog lady that has the largest pooper scooper you can purchase. I will admit that when we hike I do not bring bags, but I do use sticks to move waste off the trails way into the underbrush. Remember Daphne the American Bulldog Mama foster that gave birth on my bathroom floor (Cybil’s mom), I was convinced that her piles could be seen on satellite images they were so huge! Sorry I got caught up with being the dog poop expert (have to know what to tell the vet when it comes to abnormalities), and all the aerial photos I looked at when I did my online home searches.


  2. I agree with you on the ladies hand washing – I always wash my hands – even at home when alone…Men on the other hand, I do wonder about. Ladies seem more concerned about germs. You are so right about that face – an adorable face she has!! When I used to walk my dog, it was back in the day before people picked up their poop so I didn’t worry about it back then but I would walk him in areas where people didn’t normally walk (such as the back of the apt. complex) – later, I was lucky and moved into a house with a big fenced in backyard for him so didn’t have to worry about that too much. 🙂


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