Big R Day One

I’m not going to blog every day, but I wanted to capture the first day of the Big R. That leads me to the question – who am I blogging for? Myself or readers? It’s probably 50/50, but this one’s for me. So, you know the saying, “If you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans.” For weeks, I had pictured myself sitting on the porch on Day One in my robe and a cup of coffee to start my retirement. God laughed out loud for sure – we got the edge of the storm that sadly took several lives and devastated several nearby states. It was absolutely pouring this morning. So I stayed in bed instead.

In typical Atlanta fashion, where if you don’t like the weather, just wait 30 minutes, it did brighten up. I went grocery shopping – doesn’t anyone work? The store and parking lot were packed. I took Savannah for a mid-afternoon walk. There were four women playing serious tennis on the court in our apartment complex. Maybe they all retired at 35. And I crossed one item off my bucket list – sort and tidy my baking pan closet. Yep, they have their own closet. I was amazed how many pans I found – not sure why I often use disposable ones when I have great quality, non-stick pans aplenty. If you’re a list-maker like me and like several of my close friends, you know what a joy it is to cross something off a list. In the grocery store, if I pick up an item that’s not on my shopping list, I scribble it down so that I can immediately cross it off. The same with to-do lists. If I complete a task that’s not on there, it gets added one second before being marked complete. Just part of my DNA.

I had a soak bath with one of those lavender bombs that explode in the water – great fun. Except you have to spend five minutes wiping off all the lavender flowers from the sides of the bath. After a bath, I always jump in the shower to get clean! I only thought of the office a few (million) times. I’d look at the time and picture the team in the morning meeting, eating lunch or in the gym. I still automatically go to pick up my office iPhone to check my email and it’s not on the counter. I remember one vacation when I buried it under a huge pile of fabric to keep from checking it. I did dream of the office last night … I was asked to do something and had to remind them I had retired. I’ve had lovely emails and texts asking how my first Big R day went. It really has been the most perfect day and hopefully I will have coffee on the porch on Day Two, and Three, and Four, and …


3 thoughts on “Big R Day One”

  1. You deserve your coffee on the porch and your lavender bath bomb!!!
    I will be reading your blog too 🙂


  2. Despite the rain (which luckily passed) – it sounds like a marvelous first day of the Big R! I too am a list maker. It is so satisfying to mark things off your list (I add and mark off too, when a new item pops up unexpectedly).


  3. Thank goodness there are others that add an item to the list only to cross it off 2 seconds later! Phew. Haven’t told too many folks it DO that! I feel so freed! Thank you Amanda! Enjoy the big R!


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