I quilt, therefore I am

I think I was born with a thimble on my finger. My earliest memories are of standing next to my mother while she sewed on her treadle Singer sewing machine, soaking up the sound of the needle as it rhythmically moved up and down, up and down, learning how to read patterns, cut fabric, make darts, match seams and wind bobbins. Even the words sing to me – French seams, bias binding, hem stitch, pinking shears, zig zag, zipper foot. I often find myself in the kitchen starting to cook with a thimble still on my finger.

Everyone thought I was counting the days to the Big R … WRONG! It was this weekend that the results of the juried East Cobb Quilt Show entries would be announced. The acceptance or rejection emails were going to be sent out on April 29. I had entered my Baltimore Album quilt. These quilts originated in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1840s and are a collection of intricately appliquéd blocks or squares. The appliqué, which is a piece of fabric sewn on top of the background, is often in a floral design, but birds and landmarks are also common. I finished my quilt last year after committing to finishing it every New Year for years and years. I was sidelined with my surgery, but that’s just an excuse. I just left it for years in between where it sat on a quilting frame and became part of the furniture. When I finally took it off the frame and unrolled it, I was very relieved a family of moths hadn’t made its home in the folds. When I finished it during my annual quilt retreat in Alabama last year (another post to come), my quilting friends encouraged me to submit it into the juried show – that means you send pictures and because they get more submissions than space, they choose those they want to feature in the show. Well, guess what – they accepted my quilt! I am so thrilled. The show is June 8-10 at the Cobb County Civic Center – if you want more details, send me a message. I’ve never submitted a quilt into a show and I can’t wait to see it hanging in a large space. If I can figure out how to add a picture here, I will. Tomorrow marks the first actual day of the Big R. Already this weekend, I’ve been busy – crossing things off my bucket list. On the list is another quilt … I better get my thimble out – one thing I can’t do is type with a thimble on!

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