Thwarted by a bug

So, we had the grand switching-off-the-alarm ceremony last night. No more will I be jolted out of a dream by that darned alarm, except if I have a plane to catch. But my plans to stay in bed most of the morning were thwarted … gosh darn it! Truth be told, I did wake up shortly after 6 a.m. – I think my body will take a while to adjust – got my coffee and got back into bed with Harry Potter – well, not exactly, but metaphorically. I bought the box set of Harry Potter to re-read over the next few months, along with Lord of the Rings. After a few minutes, I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. Yep a giant bug on the ceiling. It was huge and had waggly whiskers. I think it was just a cockroach, actually, and I’d love to put up a camera and see where these darned things come in. I don’t have food in the bedroom. I found a scorpion in my shower stall a couple of years ago – did it come up through the drain?

I’m not as afraid of bugs as most Southern Belles, but this one bothered me. It was walking along the crown moulding just above the bed and doing a very bad job … it kept slithering off. I thought they had sticky feet or something. It kept yanking itself back onto the moulding, but one more slip and it would have landed in my coffee. And it was taking so long and kept hesitating right above my head. I gave up and got up. So my first retirement morning plans got cut short. If anyone wonders, I did wait until Cedric got up and then blasted the darned thing with half a can of roach spray … I felt bad – not very bad, but a bit bad as it staggered around up there for a bit – feisty thing didn’t fall immediately, and then I had to chase it on the carpet for a bit before squishing it with a paper towel – sorry, I should have given a yuk warning first for squeamish readers.

The Dalai Lama said, “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” And it’s amazing that a Georgia bug made such a difference to a milestone day for me. But it did mean I started my day earlier. I was going to clean out a bathroom closet but then remembered I can do that next year. I spent the day sorting out all the stuff I brought home from the office this week – tons of memorabilia, cards, pictures – 17 years of memories. There were so many farewells yesterday. It was almost overwhelming. I felt so loved. The communication team grabbed red pens and made an archway for me to walk through when I walked to the elevator. That choked me up. And they made a video for me to watch when I got home – here it is if you’d like to laugh and cry and see the amazing people I’ve worked with over the years. They are funny and silly and clever and bright and all so darned young! Copy and paste this link and it should work.


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