Retirement, here I come!

This is the post excerpt.

Well, here I go – my first retirement blog post. I’m not quite retired, but this has been the longest farewell concert ever. That’s the problem with giving too much notice – I keep seeing co-workers in the elevator and they ask, “Haven’t you gone yet?” Nope, but soon. My last day with the No. 1 retailer in the world, aka The Home Depot, will be Thursday, April 27. Meanwhile, they gave me the biggest and the best retirement party – it’s the standard against which all retirement parties will be graded. More later, once I figure out how to add pictures and get a home page set up.

One thought on “Retirement, here I come!”

  1. That smile has brightened many cloudy days for me. That’s the way I will always remember you. When I feel the tears brimming my eyes, I’ll think of that smile and my cheeks will push them back in.


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